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Sign documents online

Sign online anywhere!

Give your customer the flexibility to complete and sign your document when and where he wishes.

Let your customer sign your document at work or in his car, using a laptop, tablet or smarthpone with a digital signature or electronic signature.

A Word or PDF document can be signed using an Electronic Identity Card, SMS, itsme or a signature on touchscreen.


You can also add custom fields for your customer to complete before he signs.

Manage your documents anywhere!

Forget about signed documents scattered all over the place: on paper, fax, in your email account or lying around on your desk!

Manage all your documents with a few clicks in your Sign PDF online - OKSign Logo account.

Receive all documents in your account, no matter how the customer signed.

Consult your account anywhere, on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Receive real-time updates when your contracts are signed with a digital signature or electronic signature!

Sign PDF online
Sales team signing documents online

Perfect for your sales team

Share documents with your salesmen on the road so documents can immediately be signed at client's premises on the tablet or smartphone.

You have real-time information where and when a document is signed.

Digitale Signatures API

Integrate digital signatures into your ERP, CRM or other application with our powerful API.

OKSign Logos powerful API can be easily integrated into your company's workflow.

Belgian eID cardreader

Support for the electronic identity card <EIDAS Legislation  

Elektronic signing - OKSign Logo already support the Belgian Electronic identity card and will be adding other EU member states shortly.

Safe and legal

Elektronisch ondertekenen - OKSign Logo closely follows all major eSignature laws including European eIDAS.

We support digital signatures, electronic signatures, e-Signatures, Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) as well as Qualified Electronic Signature (QES).

All signatures (digital signatures, electronic signatures, ...) are timestamped and the document is certified ensuring its integrity at the moment of signing.

PDF documents and Word documents can be signed.

EIDAS law signing documents
Betrust Online signing servers

Bank-Grade Security

By utilizing world-class secure server infrastructure, Sign online - OKSign Logo keeps your documents private and secure.

Physical access is constantly monitored by professional security staff utilizing video surveillance, state of the art intrusion detection systems, and other electronic means.

Our SSL encryption, AES Encryption and ISO27001 compliant server infrastructure ensure that your documents are kept safe.

Your documents are stored and encrypted at rest using AES - 256 bit encryption. Each document is encrypted with a unique key.



Have documents signed quickly with a digital signature or electronic signature. Reduce your administrative costs. Have you contracts signed on the spot!.

Ease of use

Your customer chooses how he signed the document: with eID card, stylus on touch screen, SMS and on any device he prefers: computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


Documents can be shared and signed online by several people. Easy follow-up of who signed (or didn't).


Have documents completed before they are signed.

Bulk Signing

Quickly have hundreds of people sign your document! Put a link on your website or email it to many individuals at once.


Use our API to connect your application - in no time - with our services using our REST API.

NO rateplan, NO monthly subscription

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Sign with:

sign with eID cart, SMS, itsme or on touchscreen


Sign document with itsme itsme subscription per signatory (per calendar year)
(charged with the first signature)


Sign online Word document Convert Word to PDF document


Sign document Silverfin Silverfin connection


AdminPulse connection


OKSign API Elektronisch ondertekenen - OKSign Logo API usage


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(*)You can buy credits in your account.

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About us

Betrust N.V. is a Belgian company specialized offering services regarding online signing, certifying, archiving and sending of PDF documents , and more...

These services are delivered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

This allows companies to extend business applications with our services so as to reduce administrative costs and increase customer satisfaction.

This website relies completely on the Betrust services.

Please feel free to contact us directly, if you would you like to integrate your business into the Betrust services business processes. We probably have an effortless solution for you!

Visit our corporate website at:

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Betrust NV Logo Betrust N.V.
Helenboslaan 30,
B-2630 Aartselaar
(Antwerp) Belgium.
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